Pospiech Contracting Inc.'s Projects

North 2 Utilities Ext. Contract 10 (City of Cape Coral, FL)

September 15, 2017

North 2 Utilities Ext. Contract 10 (City of Cape Coral, FL)Project Description: This project consists of constructing water transmission mains, irrigation water transmission mains, force main transmission mains, gravity sewer mains, storm drain replacement, fiber optic conduit, restoration, and road restoration. Complete Project PacketFor further questions on this project, please contact Katherine Connell, Project ManagerKconnell@pospiechcontracting.com 

Marydia Water & Sanitary Sewer Improvements Phases 1, 2, & 3 (TOHO Water Authority

September 15, 2017

Marydia Water & Sanitary Sewer Improvements Phases 1, 2, & 3 (TOHO Water Authority ( Kissimmee, FL)Project Description: Installation of approximately 16,176 linear feet of 8-inch gravity sewer main and seventy-three (73) sanitary manholes, including two hundred and ten (210) 6-inch sanitary sewer laterals (singles and doubles), two (2) sewer main connections to existing manholes, approximately 1,565 linear feet of 4-inch, 1,230 linear feet of 8-inch potable water main, 695 linear feet of 10- inch potable water main, five (5) fire hydrant assemblies, four (4) water main connections to an existing water main, including thirty-nine (39) water services, approximately 28,170 square yards of asphalt roadway replacement, one (1) new duplex wastewater lift station, 1,280 linear Feet of 6-inch wastewater force main, pressure testing, permitting requirements, and restoration and site clean-up.Complete Bid Package For further questions on this project, please contact Jessica Poyner, Project...

Grand Palm 2A(B) CDD Portion & Private Portion

October 11, 2016 Grand Palm 2A(B) CDD Portion & Private Portion

​Project Description: Construction Site Work and all associated work to finish, consists of mass grading for 88 lots and completion of 48 lots. Project includes: clearing, earthwork, and road construction necessary to support the construction of the complete project.  Located in Venice, FL. Project Owner: Neal Communities; Blackburn Creek Community Development District's Project Engineer: Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. Plans and Specifications 

Parallel Force Main

August 2, 2016

​Parallel Force Main includes approx. 6,200 LF 12" PVC force main which will run paralleled to the existing 12"  force main in order to support additional capacity flowing to the Waste Water Treatment Plant. The parallel force main will convey excess flows from Lift Station #19 to the Waste Water Treatment Plant allowing the lateral pump station to continue pumping to the existing 12" waste water force main. Owner: City of Crystal River (Citrus County, FL ) 

Magnolia Drive Outfall Improvements

May 2, 2016

Project Name: Magnolia Drive Outfall Improvements Owner: City of Clearwater ​ Job Description: This project consists of 6,400 LF of RCP ranging in size from 15" to 36", replacement/addition of 46 curb inlets, and installation of three triple-chamber stormwater baffle boxes. The gravity sewer replacement includes 6,100 LF of PVC raning in size from 6" to 8" diameter and 19 sanitary manholes. The water main replacement includes replacement of 2,150 tons of asphaltic pavement, 17,800 LF of new curb, and relocation of crossing utilities in conflict with the storm piping including a 16" sanitary force main and a 16" reclaimed water main. Plans and Specifications 

BP-452, Hangar Blvd. Sanitary Sewer Improvements Phases 1 and 2 Orlando International Airport (GOAA)

March 30, 2016 BP-452, Hangar Blvd. Sanitary Sewer Improvements Phases 1 and 2 Orlando International Airport (GOAA)

​Project Description: This project consists of sanitary sewer improvements along Hangar Blvd., both north and south of the intersection with Cargo Road, as well as improvements along a portion of Cargo Road just west of the intersection of Hangar Blvd. The improvements consists of the installation of two (2) new lift stations, landscaping, concrete drive force main, and new gravity sanitary sewer main to provide the required sewer main slopes and capacity for the existing tenants and future build-out. This project also consists of grouting and abandoning a portion of the existing sanitary sewer main that runs with the Hangar Blvd. right-of-way and the decommissioning of an existing lift station. Project Owner: Greater Orlando Aviation AuthorityPlans and Specifications  For further questions on this project, please contact Gary Bracken, Project ManagerGbracken@pospiechcontracting.com 

Wolf Branch Sink Drainage Improvements

March 29, 2016 Wolf Branch Sink Drainage Improvements

​Project Description: Water quality project involving a section of Wolf Branch Road between Heather Street and Britt Road/Niles Road.  Improvement include the installation of FDOT shoulder gutter and curb and gutter to convey runoff to stormwater inlets set along the edge of the roadway.  Associated stormwater piping will be installed to direct waters to one of two stormwater treatment ponds to be construction with the project.  Includes the rehabilitation of two existing concrete box culverts and weir wall along with resurfacing of Wolf Branch Road.Project Owner: Lake County BOCCPlans and Specifications 

College Park Sanitary Collection System Improvements

March 29, 2016

​Project Description: LS#2 sanitary sewer rehab project, phase 1 consists of the following: fill all the cracks & voids on the interior walls of the manhole & coast the entire riser to the bottom of the ring & cover with calcium aluminate grout for (3) manholes; prepare the surface, grout fill all cracks & voids with calcium aluminate orothe approved grout, seal leaks with hydraulic cement & coat the entire interior of the manhole with coal tar epoxy for (12) manholes; remove & replace the manhole fram & cover, adjust to proper grade, fill voids & coast any exposed surface area with calcium aluminate grout for (2) manholes; clean & install a CIPP point lining at (4) locations, open & replace the 12" gravity sanitary sewer pipe & manholes between MS10239 & MH2006 near the intersection of N. Adair Blvd & Edgewater Dr, Public ROW of Shady Lane Dr from Reading Dr. to Poinsettia Ave, Public ROW of N. Lake Adair blvd from N. Westmoreland Dr. to Edgewater Dr., Public ROW of Edgewater...

Blue Sink Water Main

March 29, 2016 Blue Sink Water Main

Project Description: Approximately 17, 530 LF of 16" and 30" Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP) water main, approx. 392 LF of 24" O.D. steel casing pipe, including wedge restraints and gaskets, ductile iron bends, sleeves and tees, gate valves, and boxes, butterfly valves, and boxes, air release/vacuum valve assemblies, roadway restoration, milling, paving, grading, signalization loops, restoration of driveways, curbs and sidewalks, sodding, landscaping with all associated work. Project Owner: City of Tampa, Florida Plans and Specifications 

North Hancock Road Extension Phases IIIA & IIIB

March 24, 2016 North Hancock Road Extension Phases IIIA & IIIB

Project Description: Construct & widen North Hancock Road to a four-lane urban design roadway with curb & gutter, bike lane, sidewalks, and multi-use trail. Associated work includes: storm pipe & structure installation, retention pond, excavation, swale & ditch construction, gravity wall installation, guardrail installation, traffic signal installation/relocation, thermoplastic striping, sodding and other misc. construction. Project Owner: Lake County