College Park Sanitary Collection System Improvements

Posted at 5:04 pm on 03/29/2016

Project Description: LS#2 sanitary sewer rehab project, phase 1 consists of the following: fill all the cracks & voids on the interior walls of the manhole & coast the entire riser to the bottom of the ring & cover with calcium aluminate grout for (3) manholes; prepare the surface, grout fill all cracks & voids with calcium aluminate orothe approved grout, seal leaks with hydraulic cement & coat the entire interior of the manhole with coal tar epoxy for (12) manholes; remove & replace the manhole fram & cover, adjust to proper grade, fill voids & coast any exposed surface area with calcium aluminate grout for (2) manholes; clean & install a CIPP point lining at (4) locations, open & replace the 12" gravity sanitary sewer pipe & manholes between MS10239 & MH2006 near the intersection of N. Adair Blvd & Edgewater Dr, Public ROW of Shady Lane Dr from Reading Dr. to Poinsettia Ave, Public ROW of N. Lake Adair blvd from N. Westmoreland Dr. to Edgewater Dr., Public ROW of Edgewater Dr. from Alba Dr. to Lakeview St., Public ROW at the intersection of Lakeview St. & Gunnison Lane and Public ROW of W. Ivanhoe Blvd from Shady Lane Dr. to Interstate 4 Overpass. 

Project Owner: City of Orlando 

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